Fair Fashion

‘Fair Fashion’ from the Himalayas

Stay warm thanks to wonderfully soft cashmere enveloped in a human story. Tuinch is not just a luxury fashion brand that wraps fashionistas in sustainable materials of the very best quality. After her intensive quest for the most exclusive natural treasures from the Himalayas, creative director Véronique Vermussche set up her own workshop in Nepal, where fair working conditions are also promoted. Here, her designs are lovingly transformed into handmade works of art by around 200 local craftspeople. After all, Tuinch also stands for pure workmanship and pure materials.

High-end cashmere and natural treasures from the Tibetan highlands

Tuinch sets the bar high quite literally, because the Himalayan region is home to the highest mountain peaks on earth. This is one of the only places in the world where the cashmere goat still lives. The letter T in Tuinch actually refers to ‘TsUmoriri’, the area in the most remote regions of the Tibetan highlands, where the mountain goats have their natural habitat. The cashmere wool that Tuinch uses for its collections comes from the undercoat of this Himalayan mountain goat. This costly fabric owes its exclusive and sustainable character to its natural origin. The area where the cashmere for Tuinch originates is inhabited by nomads who refrain from maximising cashmere production. People, the planet and the ecosystem are respected. Age-old traditions are preserved. This is unlike the situation in China, Mongolia and other areas where cashmere is produced on a larger scale. An artificial ecosystem brings down costs but this is at the expense of quality. The goats in TsUmoriri live in the wild, in natural conditions, and this means that Tuinch guarantees you cashmere wool of the highest quality. By the way, the Nepalese word for wool is ‘Uoon’, so now you know what the letter U in Tuinch stands for. The third letter, I, stands for Indus (river), N for Nepal, C Cashmere and H, of course, for the Himalayas.

Sustainable fashion with the allure of haute couture

In addition to organic cashmere wool, Tuinch uses other materials for its designs, such as yak, cotton and linen, but a pure, natural origin and premium quality are basic requirements. So you can enjoy your favourite pullover or shawl year after year and it even becomes a designer piece passed on from generation to generation. But it’s not only the lifespan that makes Tuinch a sustainable fashion brand. The luxury materials are produced using environmentally responsible methods: the water to wash and rinse the fabrics is filtered and purified in Tuinch’s own workshop. Tuinch has even started recycling cashmere in house. With its high-end fashion collections, Tuinch proves that sustainability no longer means dull and boring. Tuinch is ideal for fashionistas who care about the climate but who are also passionate about haute couture. These minimalistic collections challenge you with their daring, avant-garde side. What is more, Tuinch not only guarantees you a luxurious fashion look: with Tuinch you wear a story, craftsmanship and a unique work of art.