How to care for your treasured cashmere knits?

Six practical tips to make your cashmere last a lifetime

Can you place cashmere in the washing machine? How do you ensure that your precious sweater or scarf made from this delicate material remains beautiful, fresh and mothproof? Cashmere specialist Veronique Vermussche, Creative Director at Tuinch, reveals her six best tips & tricks.

1) Cashmere can go in the washing machine

You can place cashmere in the washing machine as long as it’s not a knitted item of clothing. If the garment contains delicate silk, lace or embroidery, it’s also better to wash it by hand. If the label says it cannot be washed then you must bring it to the dry cleaning shop. In most cases, you can simply wash cashmere in the washing machine. Make sure that your washing machine is in good condition. If there are there hooks in the drum, you should put your favourite garment in a delicates bag or pillowcase.

2) Detergent for wool

If you place a cashmere garment in the washing machine, don’t forget to select the wool cycle. That is a washing programme that uses cold water and spins at 500 to 600 revolutions. The type of detergent is also very important. One cap of liquid soap is enough for three sweaters. Be sure to use a detergent that is suitable for wool.

3) Avoid light when drying

When drying cashmere, avoid sunlight because it can discolour or fade the wool. Even moonlight can affect the colour of a cashmere garment. It’s best to dry your cherished cashmere items in a basement or a room where you can block out the sunlight.

4) Stop bobbling and pilling

It’s normal that your new cashmere scarf pills a bit in the beginning. But the more you wash it, the less it will pill or bobble! Cashmere stops pilling after about six months or ten washings. Placing your sweater in the refrigerator to prevent pilling does not work. That is an old wives’ tale!

5) Do not spray perfume

You might be tempted, but don’t spray perfume on light cashmere. This can change the colour.

6) No holes

You can avoid moths by washing your sweater regularly. These animals often make holes on the front of your garment because they are looking for food crumbs.

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