Experience the sublime feeling of premium cashmere and the most exclusive materials from the Himalayas. Tuinch reflects the treasures of nature – nestling on the world’s highest mountain peak – in high-end fashion that cares about people and sustainability.


The house of Tuinch's soul delves into the depths of Asia’s grand cashmere tradition

In a tireless pursuit of the purest cashmere and pashmina, Tuinch celebrates nature’s most royal materials by letting the fabrics speak for themselves.
Built on minimalistic aesthetics, Tuinch’s contemporary, yet timeless collections evoke a calm grandeur, matched with a touch of feathery softness – a discreet pleasure for all of those who appreciate the unique qualities of first-rate goat wool.


High-end cashmere and natural treasures from the Tibetan highlands

Tuinch’s founder and creative director, Veronique Vermussche, first came across the jewel of fibres – cashmere – by utter chance.

Trekking through India and the Himalayas, she once got stuck at the airport of Lhasa, Tibet.

Enveloped in a traditional shawl, which she purchased from a local atelier, the idea of Tuinch emerged as Veronique succumbed to the exceptional lightness and warmth of her newly acquired garment.


Tuinch is the outcome of an intensive search for the finest pure cashmere and most skilled craftsmanship.

Although it has been manufactured in Nepal and Kashmir for thousands of years, only a select number of local craftsmen and women have knowledge of the finest varieties of this illustrious fibre.

To uncover the cream of the crop, Tuinch’s founders went on a quest to the source of the Asian cashmere tradition, and unearthed its best and most luxurious qualities.


Tuinch aims to liberate cashmere’s contemporary potential by translating its supreme qualities into effortless chic, elegant silhouettes.

Often regarded as the prime example of investment garment – never going out of style – cashmere too often ends up in hyper classic or even formal designs.

Minimalist at her core, and an adept of rich textures, the brand’s creative director is a modern lover of high fashion.