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Tuinch, founded by Veronique Vermussche in 2016,
is a family-owned luxury brand specialized in high-end knitwear, women’s and men’s ready-to-wear and accessories.

Born in Belgium, Veronique Vermussche worked in Brussels and lives in Antwerp, Flanders, surrounded by countryside landscapes and horses, Tuinch’s main heritage.

With a background in economics and extensive working experience in the financial world, Veronique, traveling all around the globe, has combined her passion for art and interior design with the love of luxury fashion.

It was a cashmere knit scarf from a local master craftsman she met during a journey through the Himalayas and India, that gave her the idea to develop a cashmere knitwear line.

Back home, she started working on her first Fall Winter 2016 Collection, which got international approval for its elegance and timeless style.

Veronique’s commitment to take the exquisite cashmere away from the conventional designs and translate them into more contemporary collections is her signature.

She wanted to build a luxury brand which celebrates the use of the finest fabrics combined to ancestral craftsmanship. For inspiration she often travels to the Himalayas in order to deeply understand all the aspects of this unique Asian tradition and meet the local communities to select cashmere in its purest form.

All the products are designed by Veronique in her Atelier in Antwerp, and manufactured by master craftsmen who have mastered these materials for decades in both Kashmir and Nepal.

Even if this is a long and very complex process, Tuinch believes that the final high-quality result is worth all the efforts and intensive researches.

Since the launch of her label, Veronique Vermussche has got immediate and positive feedback from the fashion press, both in her home market in Belgium and at international level.

The story of a true, hard-working woman and a passionate knitter clearly captivates the attention.

Veronique makes her fashion line a hidden jewel.

Etymology of Tuinch

T for Tsumoriri – the region where the nomads, who harvest our cashmere, live

U for Uoon – the wool in Ladakhi language

I for Indus – the river flowing (from east to west) through the Himalayas

N for Nepal

C for Cashmere

H for Himalayas

“The finest fabrics and cashmere in its purest form …”

“… with the expertise of craftsmen from Nepal and Kashmir”