Tuinch celebrates nature’s most royal materials by letting the fabrics speak for themselves.

Built on minimalistic aesthetics, Tuinch’s contemporary, yet timeless collections evoke a calm grandeur, matched with a touch of feathery softness – a discreet pleasure for all of those who appreciate the unique qualities of first-rate goat wool.



The Antwerp Collection echoes purity of materials in soft earthy, natural colors and vibrant yellow-green pieces with fabrics that speak for themselves. Introducing new qualities such as pure bamboo and a blend of silk, cashmere and pure wool, classic prints meet contemporary cuts in this beautiful, dreamy collection. Almost straight out of a David Lynch movie, you’ll feel like a muse in this classy piece-unique’s.



The Brussels collection is inspired by Anglo-Saxon influences with tartan checks, thick knits kilt skirts and colorblocking as key-concepts. Nature elements and flashy colors make you stand out in the crowd whilst feeling utterly comfortable in our fully natural fabrics of top-quality. All sustainably sourced with respect for mother nature. Indulge yourself in softness and look classy and effortless like Barry in the Brussels studio.

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The Waterloo collection makes us dream of a life closer to nature. Beautiful heavy brushed cashmere coats, stylish firans and overcoats in relaxed oversized cuts. The countryside never felt so fashionable in this high-end handknitted pieces.

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The Dunkirk collection exists of fresh, breezy knitted pieces in pure materials that are wearable for every occasion where you want to feel sexy but comfortable. Long dresses, silky-smooth tops and knitted beach-pants in natural and pastel colors make you feel like a bohemian goddess with an unpolished natural flair.

dunkirk collection



Feel royal in the Valkenburg collection who breathes grandeur. Heavy brushed cashmere knits, subtle big stripes and harmonious colors with often a fuzzy surface and furry finishing. Give yourself that little extra you need with these limited items.

Valkenburg collection



Graphic patterns, patchwork and thick embroidery are the main aspects in the Limbourg collection. With a true sense of craftmanship, these crafty designs are the outcome of years of knitting experience and the will to break with traditional designs often too much used for cashmere and other high-end fibers. Pleasure yourself with these limited edition Tuinch items. Only select pieces available.

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Uncompromising designs and complex but classy patterns is what you’ll find in the Bruges collection. Every item is a work of knitting-art with different aspects that intrigue and attract. Express yourself and swim upstream with this one-of-a-kind collection pieces that perfectly translate the Tuinch DNA in wearable couture.

Bruges collection